The VPO Forums will provide a tactical approach to vessel performance, with practical discussion and an overall holistic approach to ship design and operations. They will investigate regulations, innovations and best practices for vessel performance in design ,equipment and operations .

Optimising vessel performance has always been top off the shipowners list but with Increasing regulation, fluctuations in bunker prices and a growing concern for the global environmental impact of shipping has led to an even higher focus on the way vessels operate. This increased pressure forces shipping companies to improve vessels’ technical and operational efficiency even further.

Hear from technical experts and shipowners talking about the design of a ship, the shape of its hull, its propulsion systems, onboard communications, route optimisation and navigation software, maintenance, new and existing fuel types, environmental technology and drydocking procedures that are just some of the variables that will have a significant impact on a vessel’s energy efficiency, fuel consumption and overall cost of operation. All of these aspects are contributing to a fleets overall improved performance and ultimately the bottom line.

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